Doodlewash – October 2019

Another round of Doodlewash fun has begun. I’ll be using pencil and watercolour pencils. Maybe if I’m feeling brave I’ll try actual watercolour paints.

I have decided to make each one food related. To see how they relate to a food topic, click on the image. You will be redirected to my blog; 40 ‘fore Forty.

For more info go to: Doodlewash – October 2019

1: Onion
2. Snacks
3. Fish
4. Ice
5. Barn
6. Dog
7. Apple
8. Bird
9. Porch
10. Pie
11. Fox
12. Reptile
13. Bonfire
14. Forest
15. Unicorn

I gave up on this challenge half way through. I was feeling overwhelmed by how long the watercolour was taking, alongside doing the Inktober 2019 event. I had fun though and learned some new things about working with watercolour pencils.