Little Brown Bunny

I found this great video on Youtube demonstrating how to knit a bunny from a square.

I made this bunny for my puppy (10 year old) dog, Homer. I wasn’t sure how long it would last so I didn’t add the face details. I had odds on him destroying it in less time than it took me to make.

I’m not really sure how long it took to make and I didn’t get a picture of the square once that was done. I was too excited to actually make the bunny. I used calico for the stuffing because I didn’t have any actual stuffing but I think this has made it more dog friendly.

Homer really loves his new bunny and six hours later, it hasn’t been destroyed.

This is great for beginners. The video is easy to follow and detailed.

WATCH: How to Knit a BUNNY from a SQUARE: Easy for Beginning Knitters

Homer looking at his new toy. It looks like he’s thinking; ‘Is that for me?!?’
Homer played with his new bunny for hours.
Homer playing near my art and craft supplies.
Homer showing bunny his bed.