First attempt with Acrylics

This is my version of the acrylic landscape painting by Ray Grimes. Easy Landscape Painting / 139 / Relaxing / Playing with Paints / Abstract Painting / Demonstration

Acrylic Flamingo #1

I’ve been wanting to try painting a flamingo for a few days. They have such gorgeous pink colours and they look rather regal. Today I gave it a good try. I forgot I had smaller paint brushes on the table which would have helped me do finer feather details. I like how it turned out. … Continue reading Acrylic Flamingo #1

Palm Trees #1

Today I decided to paint some palm tree pictures.I used Silhouette of Palm Tree and Green Palm Plant as my guide.

Sidewalk, Akaroa, New Zealand

This is another shot from my time in Akaroa back in 2013. It’s such a lovely stroll alongside the shops and cafes. on the main street of Akaroa.