Acrylic Flamingo #1

I’ve been wanting to try painting a flamingo for a few days. They have such gorgeous pink colours and they look rather regal. Today I gave it a good try. I forgot I had smaller paint brushes on the table which would have helped me do finer feather details. I like how it turned out. This is the first of many, I’m sure.

It was late afternoon and overcast, making it almost dark inside. I lit up my painting area with a flashlight on my mobile phone.
I drew the flamingo first, following a picture I had seen online. It took a couple of drawing attempts before I put brush to canvas. I wasn’t really sure where to start or how best to layer the colours. It’s pink. I think that means I win.
Just a close up of his face. I like how the face turned out. Maybe a couple of little mistakes and slightly unfinished but we will call that… character.

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