Akaroa, New Zealand, Hillside

I enjoyed painting the sailboat in Akaroa so much, I decided to paint another picture from the trip.

I took this shot as we walked along the jetty from the tender boat to land.
I had a mix of two different lights on when I took this photo, which gave it a nice glow.

I took progress photos again. You will see a change in the light from using the phone flashlight, to using a lamp (which almost glows orange.) I realise this has a big affect on how I see the paint as I’m painting. I’m not sure what the right set up is yet. If I had a choice between the two light sources today, I would have stuck with the phone flashlight.

This was my drawing for the day. It doesn’t look like much but it was a pencil making some sort of lines and shapes. Very helpful for the painting, of course.
I started this painting from the top. I used blue and white for the sky. The land is a mix of gold, skin tone and black or green. The trees were a strange mix of green and black.
I wasn’t sure how to achieve the mid level trees. I knew they had to be a richer green than the previous trees. It was a chaotic mix of green, white, black and blue. I later went back over with a lighter green to try and add some depth.
I painted the little buildings first. They were terrible. I was tempted to paint over them. Once I had brought the greenery down around them, they looked a little more like they belonged. I touched up their colours and moved on to the water. It was a mix of royal blue, aqua, white and grey.
I finished with a black/brown jetty through the water. One thing I enjoyed doing with the sky and water today was having a couple of different paint colours on my brush at the same time and mixing on the canvas.