Cacti in an Orange Planter

This is my second attempt at Cacti.
I took inspiration for this design from my last painting and drawing attempts. I decided to draw the plants as I wanted them and made the same decision for the colour. I browsed some pictures to get a general idea of what things should look like, then just went for what felt right.
I was happy to start my paint today with natural light. (You can see shadows from the paint tubes.) Although it wasn’t a very bright light and probably gave me a false sense of what the colours were. I just kept layering mixes of green, yellow, white, black, with red accents.
The room was getting too dark so I turned on the flashlight on my phone. The extra light helped a lot. (I really need some better lighting.) For the rest of the plants I continued the green, yellow, white and blue mix.
To finish the picture I added leaves to the stalks and painted a bright orange planter. I sorta regret painting a background but it really didn’t look finished without something there.