Palm Trees #1

Today I decided to paint some palm tree pictures.
I used Silhouette of Palm Tree and Green Palm Plant as my guide.

It was an interesting experience working out how to layer the colours and how many different layers would be needed. The palm leaves were too thick. I’ve been using the wrong paint brush for fine details in both paintings.
I had no idea where to start with these colours or how to get a ‘blurred’ background. I added some white, yellow and green and…. got creative with the brush. The only thing I’m really unhappy with is the thickness of the stem and thick accent lines.
I worked on these for about 3 hours. I’m pretty happy with my attempt. Once they had dried, the paper started to curl slightly, so I placed them in a frame and left them on the kitchen table.
[Hubby gets home from work]
Hubby: Where did you find that picture?
Me: What picture?
Hubby: The one on the table
Me: You mean the paintings I painted today?
Hubby: What? Really? I thought you must have found them somewhere

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