Sailboat in Akaroa, New Zealand

I took my inspiration from a photo I captured many years ago. Hubby and I were on a cruise around New Zealand and this was one of the shore days, at my favourite port. We took a small boat from the cruise ship to the shore and spent the afternoon in this perfect seaside town.

The unedited photo I took on the tender boat from the cruise ship to Akaroa, NZ.

I took some progress pictures of my day long painting adventure. I started around 10 am and finished around 5 pm. Even though the colours aren’t right, I was really happy with how it all turned out. I learned a lot about layering paints and had fun trying to make different colours.

I drew a rough sketch of where I wanted things.
I started with the sky and water. I layered the clouds with grey and white and added the white wash. I left a sailboat shaped hole so I wouldn’t forget where to put it. I made the land colour by mixing gold, skin tone and a dot of black.
I used two different types of green for the trees and continued to leave a sailboat shaped hole.
I was nervous about painting the sailboat, so I decided to draw it first.
This is the first time I have painted a sailboat. I kept layering the white paint for the sails and boat until it had almost covered what was underneath and then finished it with some grey shadows and windows.