Sidewalk, Akaroa, New Zealand

This is another shot from my time in Akaroa back in 2013. It’s such a lovely stroll alongside the shops and cafes. on the main street of Akaroa.

This is the photo the painting is inspired by. I work on an A5 sized canvas and found it hard to add the tables, people, van and hanging baskets.
I know that they aren’t the same but I’m happy with my effort. I still have so much to learn about which paintbrush to use, how to mix the right colour and things I can’t even think of yet! My biggest struggle with this painting was creating the colour brown. I ended up using a metallic gold and a dash of black. It’s unreliable but seems to work. I added some white to the mix for the lighter wood highlights.
I used yesterdays drawing to loosely sketch what I would paint on the canvas.
I started with the water and sky. Followed by the sand and road.
Next I painted the blue railing and added the trees and palm plant. I’m really enjoying painting trees. It’s interesting trying to work out how to get the best depth, while also trying to keep some of the visibility through the tree.
I struggled with the sidewalk colours. I need to spend time learning how to make colour combinations.
I finished with shadow accents. Those need practice.
Even though it’s not perfect, I really like how it turned out.