The Pod

Our little pod is a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house built in the 1970s. There is a garage (with music studio rooms), green house, concreted space and bird aviary in the back yard. There are no gardens and the house lacks personality. The last home improvements happened in the mid 90s.

My parents bought the house fresh off the plan and this is the house I grew up in. I inherited the property three years ago.

This is our journey renovating my childhood home, to be our dream home.

Some of the things we’d like to complete include:

  • Build a veggie garden
  • Start a herb garden
  • Landscape the front yard and add trees
  • Paint the outside of the house
  • Paint the inside of the house
  • Renovate the kitchen, get new oven
  • Renovate the bathroom, get new shower, bath, sink, toilet
  • Build plant shelves